Litigation, Fraud and QofE’s in 2023

2023 ended much like it started – high interest rates, continuing inflation, wars, massive federal deficit, and increasing vacancy rates in metro office centers, among other challenges. What’s in store for 2024? We predict continued volatility.

18-Year Employee Embezzled for 7+ Years

A trusted employee’s embezzlement scheme was uncovered when she went on vacation. Here are 5 tips for business owners, lenders and shareholders to minimize the risk of this happening to you.

3 Things to Consider in Post-Pandemic QoE’s

A family office rolling up strategic precision machining businesses had signed LOIs to acquire two additional companies and had negotiated a complex purchase financing structure. Things got sour when we uncovered substantially overstated sales at one of the targets. Here’s how the lemons turned into lemonade.

Unraveling Complex Frauds

As reported by the WSJ (Nov. 3, 2022), the SEC has warned of increased fraud risk resulting from recession fears. Fraud is more widespread than many people may think. Here are some examples of how we helped uncover malicious fraudulent activities.

Our Review of 2022

Inflation, Interest Rates, Fraud, Investing & More – Our business was back on pace in 2022. Here are some of the highlights.

Journal of Corporate Renewal: Best Bank Workouts

Jeff Brandlin authored the article, “The Right Time: From POR to Full Recovery & Equity,” for the Journal of Corporate Renewal’s “Best Bank Workouts” edition. JCR is the official publication of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

NAFER – Receivers’ Feud, A Game Show

Jeff Brandlin was a contestant (panelist) on Receivers’ Feud, A Game Show at NAFER’s 2023 Annual Conference, September 7-9, 2023. The creative show tested the knowledge of receivers, attorneys and regulators in the classic Family Feud format. Contestants were asked about difficult and timely issues facing federal receiverships, including quasi-judicial immunity, Ponzi defenses, complex fee application issues, conflicts of interest, contingent fee scenarios, and other relevant priorities within a federal equity receivership matter.