When a company’s financial performance turns upside down seemingly overnight, fraud may be the reason. Capital sources to the company may benefit from digging beyond the surface to explain the unexpected downturn, regardless of how dire the situation appears. Brandlin & Associates’ Accounting Malpractice Services are designed to discover whether or not the troubled company’s outside auditors were negligent in the audit process when fraud is suspected, creating the potential for financial recovery. We address such questions as:

  • Did the auditors apply a healthy amount of skepticism in their work, or did they simply check the boxes?
  • Was the scope of the audit sufficient in light of the circumstances, or could the auditors’ independence have been impaired?
  • Were there related company transactions that the auditors should have researched in more depth?
  • Could the auditors have discovered co-conspirators, such as the company’s insurance provider?

Capital sources are entitled to and do rely on the financial statements examined and certified by the company’s outside auditors. If these statements have material misstatements, thereby misrepresenting the company’s true financial results, then the auditors may be culpable.

We proactively evaluate whether fraudulent activities occurred prior to the company’s outside audit. We consult with counsel, laying out evidentiary data and assisting them in achieving resolution and monetary recovery. Our Accounting Malpractice Services include:

  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation
  • Discovery services
  • Liability assessment and causation analysis
  • Economic damages valuation
  • Lost profits calculations
  • Contracts and agreements interpretation
  • Liability investigations of professionals
  • Settlement strategies
  • Dispute resolution through mediation or arbitration
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Analysis of opposing expert opinion