Due Diligence

With Brandlin’s help, we successfully negotiated a deal with the seller, knowing that we were not overpaying.

David Danglard CEO, K1 Speed, Inc.

Timeliness and quality are essential to our due diligence process. Brandlin & Associates quickly grasps the essence of the target company and delivers a high quality work product, helping us to compete effectively in today’s market.

Scott Johnston Managing Director, Cerberus California, LLC

I have had confidence in Brandlin’s financial due diligence for many years. Their high-quality reporting expedites our underwriting process, helping us to provide credit-worthy companies with the financing they need.

Matthew Grimes Sr. Managing Director, Encina Business Credit

We think of Brandlin & Associates when we need the right team for complex financial due diligence of lower middle market companies. These companies typically have poor financial systems and little to no infrastructure. Brandlin quickly provides cash-to-accrual accounting, a margin analysis and a revenue recognition report so we can proceed with our underwriting. We also value their real-time updates from the field, rather than having to wait for a formal report.

Geoff Bland Managing Director, Wedbush Capital Partners

Brandlin & Associates is the only call we make for financial due diligence. They have earned our respect, and we are not an easy audience. Thoughtful in their actions and analytical in their approach, they zero in on what we want and need for them to do. As an added benefit, their deep experience across a broad range of industries and companies enables them to offer valuable insight beyond the written report.

Jason D. Drattell Managing Partner, Praesidian Capital, LLC

By hiring Brandlin & Associates, we are assured of having experienced, senior professionals assist with our financial due diligence. The Brandlin team quickly earns the confidence of management, focuses on the salient issues, offers value added solutions, and delivers a comprehensive report that is key to completing the transaction.

Scott Steele JMH Capital

It is my pleasure working with our divisional presidents, marketing personnel and Brandlin & Associates, who we consider an extension of our internal team. Together, we quickly identify a target company’s opportunities and uncover issues in historical operations to enable informed decisions

Rick Ginsburg CFO, Sanders Industries

Brandlin & Associates provides due diligence reports that are precise, thorough and easy-to-read. It is a pleasure working with Brandlin’s highly experienced professionals who focus on delivering accurate and critical information that I need to make a sound credit decision.

Joe Sum, National Underwriting Manager PNC Business Credit

Brandlin & Associates helped guide the Bank and its syndicate through a very difficult situation with a portfolio company. Jeff and his team have a unique ability to take mountains of information, quickly identify key areas of focus and summarize pertinent issues in a succinct report. We appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness, and highly valued their input and guidance.

Scott Lane

We remain clients because they continually provide thorough, reliable and consistent work that is also cost effective. We know our work is handled by a partner or someone with equal experience.

Jon Herbst Principal, Key Principal Partners

Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting

Without a doubt, Mr. Brandlin’s presentation and testimony was a critical factor in my clients’ success at trial. Mr. Brandlin is one of the best expert witnesses I have ever worked with in over 30 years of practice. He is persuasive, believable and convincing, and substantiates his opinions with demonstrative charts which are easy to understand and completely support how his conclusions are reached.

Laura K. Stanton, Esq. Trial Counsel

Brandlin & Associates earned 5-stars as experts in compiling and pursuing our business interruption claim with our insurer. Jeff and his team were masterful in multiple intense negotiations and they were incredible at updating data on the fly to support changing strategies. Thanks to Brandlin, we reached a favorable resolution of the disputed claim.

Lloyd Coppedge CEO, Alamac Investors

Brandlin skillfully distilled large quantities of financial information into concise conclusions. They worked quickly and delivered user-friendly summary reports with well-organized supporting analysis.

Scott F. Gautier, Esq. Robins Kaplan, LLP

We were fortunate to have Brandlin & Associates on our side in litigation over fraudulent accounting at a portfolio company. From preparation in the war room through providing testimony on the stand, the Brandlin team was impeccably thorough and their experience apparent. They knew how to act and react. Their expert reporting was logical and concise. They brought a lot of comfort to me and I definitely would use them again.

COO & CCO Private Equity Fund

I rely on Brandlin & Associates’ forensic accountants to fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities as a court appointed receiver. Their deep understanding of the receivership process and my objectives as receiver are evidenced by their work product. Brandlin conducts timely investigations and analysis, then delivers logical, clear and concise reports for the court.

Stephen J. Donell FedReceiver, Inc.

In a federal equity receivership which included businesses involved in deceptive Internet-based sales schemes, Brandlin & Associates’ relentless efforts were key to unraveling an incredibly complex financial and corporate web.

Charlene Koonce, Esq. Scheef & Stone, LLP

Brandlin & Associates is our first call when we need a forensic accountant. Jeff Brandlin is a very credible expert witness, and the firm’s sound anaylses and damages calculations are easy to understand. Thanks to Brandlin & Associates’ help, one of our clients won a multi-million dollar binding arbitration award against a major international corporation.

Timothy L. Neufeld, Esq. Neufeld Marks

During my thirty years of experience as a commercial litigator, I have worked with countless experts. To the mutual benefit of my clients and me, I have had multiple successes in litigation with the help of Brandlin & Associates. I recently obtained an excellent result in an accounting malpractice case as a direct result of Brandlin’s analysis. I highly recommend Jeff and his team – they are consummate professionals, thorough and analytical.

John Belcher, Esq.

When I encounter an illegality related to accounting or fraud, Brandlin & Associates is my first call. They are intuitive, focusing on the end product I need as receiver, and masterful at sorting through disparate, confusing information to trace cash flows. Brandlin does a great job of staying on budget and keeping me informed throughout the process, and their clear, concise reports are essential pieces of evidence.

Kenneth Krasne Court-Appointed Receiver

In the dark world of forensic accounting, Brandlin & Associates is the best in the business. For the last 20 years, I have counted on Brandlin when things go wrong with a loan. The firm has earned its top tier reputation through its consistent and relentless efforts to get the hard facts and help resolve any problems. Brandlin is my fraud expert of choice.

David Kantes Former President, Special Assets Division, GMAC Commercial Finance

Brandlin & Associates’ contributions as our forensic auditor and mediation consultant in a complex fraudulent loan matter were critical to the successful settlement of the case. Brandlin was involved from the beginning, gathering the data necessary to establish asset values for the receivership and grounds for fraud litigation. They were critical in diagramming where our loan dollars went, in a circular fraud among multiple companies. And, they were committed through the end educating the mediator about accounting issues and the complexity of the fraud to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Henry (Hank) J. Hajdas Senior Consultant, Comerica Bank

Brandlin & Associates provided wonderful services to our firm and our mutual client on a recent matter. I appreciate [Brandlin’s] willingness to work on an expedited matter and their prompt response to our mutual client’s needs.

Steven A. Mindel, Esq. Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt, Klein & Kline, LLP

The Brandlin team has performed a politically sensitive review of some of the consent decree issues between the Federal Trade Commission and a major software company. They have conducted this audit review with the timeliness and accuracy that the FTC has required. The FTC is very satisfied.

John Rehfeld FTC Monitor

Workouts and Restructuring

Brandlin & Associates quickly impressed us with their strategic approach, negotiating skills and ability to translate complex business operations into concise financial models. Their accurate 13-week cash flow reports, comprehensive financial projections and strong reputation contributed tremendously to negotiations with our former lender and successful refinancing with a new lender.

Celso Lopez President & CEO, Ocean Garden Products, Inc.

When we retained a Brandlin & Associates professional as an interim CFO for one of our portfolio companies, we could not have imagined the extent of the contribution he would make to the company. He exceeded our expectations and those of our management team, extending far beyond financial and accounting functions into general management practices, operations, asset utilization, reporting and business metrics. In addition, his energy and constructive, can-do attitude had a significant, positive impact on the management team during a critical transition time for the company.

Michael H. Beaumont Managing Partner, Industrial Growth Industries

For over 15 years, I have been counting on Jeff Brandlin and his staff to provide insight on workout situations. They always provide a thorough evaluation and prepare a high quality report. Brandlin & Associates always delivers what they promise. Their responsiveness makes me feel like I am their only client!

Miles McManus Director, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.

Brandlin & Associates provided the information that allowed us to evaluate our situation. Their documentation was thorough, reliable and, most importantly, presented in a coherent, easy to follow, logical manner. They did this efficiently and without wasting our resources or time.

Robert Corsentino The PrivateBank

Brandlin & Associates provided the information that allowed us to evaluate our situation. Their documentation was thorough, reliable and, most importantly, presented in a coherent, easy to follow, logical manner. They did this efficiently and without wasting our resources or time.

Robert Corsentino The PrivateBank

We could not have closed the Brundage Bone deal without Brandlin & Associates’ outstanding help. It was a pleasure working with Jeff. He helped us work through many thorny issues and gave us credibility with the senior equity holders, which was essential to getting this deal across the goal line. And, Brandlin & Associates can put togethr a kick-ass spreadsheet.

John L. Ruppert, Esq. Ballard Spahr, LLP

For anyone with clients involved, directly or indirectly, in an insolvency or turnaround situation, Brandlin & Associates offers the best available mix of forensic and other accounting expertise and practical understanding of the legal environment. In each case I’ve worked with Brandlin, some which involved difficult personality disputes and other distractions, they added tremendous value to the client’s bottom line while providing the highest caliber of accounting services, strategic thinking, and financial and business advice.

Eric Peterson, Esq. Spencer Fane LLP

Brandlin & Associates excels at making the complicated comprehensible. They were able to get their arms around the financial status of a troubled portfolio company very quickly and, more importantly, provide the lending group recommendations as to how to proceed with the relationship. I also have utilized their services for pre-funding due diligence, where they quickly ‘normalized’ very complicated financial statements so we could decide whether to move forward with the transaction.

Neil Marks Partner, Envoy Management

And More...

We retained Brandlin & Associates for their experience and reputation. They quickly learned our business, made constructive proposals, and delivered timely and comprehensive analyses. However, as an entrepreneur, the thing I valued most was their warm demeanor and care.

Gerard Jara President & CEO, Candor-AGS, Incorporated

Brandlin & Associates handles all of our accounting needs, leaving me free to manage the rest of the business. Admittedly, I am a demanding client, and Brandlin’s staff competently and accurately takes care of whatever we require. I never have any reason to doubt the quality of the financial statements, whether our accounts payable and receivable are under control or if our bills will be paid on time. Metapa definitely benefits from fully outsourcing our accounting department to Brandlin.

David Powell CEO, Metapa, Inc.

Jeff Brandlin is at the top of my list as an advisor to my business. Final Draft benefits from the senior level attention we get from Brandlin & Associates, helping us to attain greater levels of success. The Brandlin team genuinely cares about providing the highest level of service, and each person proactively lends their accounting knowledge for the benefit of the client.

Marc Madnick President & CEO, Final Draft, Inc.