11/10/22 Unraveling Complex Frauds
As reported by the WSJ (Nov. 3, 2022), the SEC has warned of increased fraud risk resulting from recession fears. Fraud is more widespread than many people may think. Here are some examples of how we helped uncover malicious fraudulent activities.
7/26/22 3 Things to Consider in Post-Pandemic QoE’s
A family office rolling up strategic precision machining businesses had signed LOIs to acquire two additional companies and had negotiated a complex purchase financing structure. Things got sour when we uncovered substantially overstated sales at one of the targets. Here’s how the lemons turned into lemonade.
5/11/22 SFNet Dick Gilbert Memorial Golf Tournament – SAVE THE DATE
Secured Finance Network, Southern California will be hosting a golf tournament honoring Dick Gilbert on October 24, 2022. Save the date! Brandlin & Associates is a proud sponsor of SFNet SoCal.
4/19/22 18-Year Employee Embezzled for 7+ Years
A trusted employee’s embezzlement scheme was uncovered when she went on vacation. Here are 5 tips for business owners, lenders and shareholders to minimize the risk of this happening to you.
9/29/21 Purchase Agreement Terms Cost Seller $10 Million
A private equity firm had a winner – the sale of a successful rollup to an international buyer for $1 billion. But a few months later, the Seller and Buyer were embroiled in a dispute over post-closing working capital. Here’s what happened.
7/27/21 IMN Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum (West) Anatomy of a Workout
Jeffrey Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Anatomy of a Workout” with Barry Smith of Buchalter, David Scheiber of Cathay Bank, and Robert Riiska of Sierra Constellation Partners.
6/16/21 Turning Around Denied Insurance Claim
When Hurricane Matthew ripped off the roof of textile company’s plant, management was glad the business was fully-insured. But when its insurer failed to perform, it ended up in litigation.
4/28/21 Successful Refinancing for Seafood Importer Hit Hard by Pandemic
Many companies are tripping covenants due to the Pandemic, and getting kicked out of their banks. Check out this story about how we provided the tools and negotiating tactics for a successful refinancing.
2/24/21 Brandlin Contributes to Win in Superior Court
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Defendants regarding a complex partnership dispute. Brandlin & Associates served as a financial expert witness on behalf of the Defendants.
6/30/20 Portfolio Management and Fraud Detection/Prevention, Amid COVID-19
Jeff Brandlin co-presented the SFNet webinar on April 10, 2020 regarding “Portfolio Management and Fraud Detection / Prevention in the Midst of COVID-19”. The following article summarizes the takeaways of the discussion and should be helpful to all lenders during these unprecedented times.
6/10/20 $4.5MM Discovery during COVID-10 Lockdown
Check out how we uncovered $4.5 million in preference payments by analyzing 977 bank statements, spanning 38 months, from 53 bank accounts for our attorney-client.
4/21/20 Secured Finance Network Webinar
Jeff Brandlin co-presented the SFNet webinar “Portfolio Management and Fraud Detection / Prevention in the Midst of COVID-19”. Click here to view presentation.
3/11/20 Level-Headed Business Planning for Covid 19
The burgeoning pandemic’s direct and indirect impact on businesses is indeterminable and worrisome. Here are key action items for lenders, borrowers and private equity firms.
12/13/19 Appointed by the SEC, Hired by Private Capital & More News
Unwinding financial fraud and uncovering potential financial risk – we’ve been busy working both ends of spectrum. Click the header to check out our recent activity.
11/14/19 International Restructuring Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist on “Anatomy of a Workout” at the conference hosted by McDermott Will & Emery and Grant Thornton.
5/9/19 Special Assets Management Association (SAMA) 2019 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin moderated “View from the Top,” an interview with Christopher J. Warmuth, President, City National Bank, a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada
1/8/19 Gerardo Castellanos has Joined Brandlin & Associates as Director
1/1/19 Joseph Badini has Joined Brandlin & Associates as Managing Director
12/5/18 It’s the 2018 Homestretch
Demand for our services typically aligns with the country’s overall economic health. Click the header to learn how our historical experiences were upended in 2018.
8/27/18 NAFER – How to Administer an EB-5 Program in Receivership
Jeff Brandlin is a panelist presenting the inner workings of an EB-5 project and the scope of problems facing a receiver when the project has been shut down by federal regulators as a fraud
6/7/18 Special Assets Management Association (SAMA) 2018 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “EB-5 Workout.”
5/18/18 CFCC Auditing Group – Anatomy of a Workout: Is There a New Playbook?
Jeff Brandlin moderated a panel of loan workout experts discussing key indicators for the next default cycle.
2/22/18 What to do if You Suspect Your EB-5 Project is in Trouble
Jeff Brandlin co-authored this article on managing and investing in EB-5 funds for The National Association of Federal Receiver’s (NAFER) February 2018 newsletter.
2/5/18 Beware the Red Flags of Fraud
What should you do to minimize risk when you smell a rat? Click the header for a list of RED FLAGS that should not be ignored.
12/6/17 RMA Los Angeles – Anatomy of a Workout
Jeff Brandlin is a panelist presenting an update on the state of the lending market and framing workout scenarios, judgment remedies and other lender alternatives for recovering capital.
11/13/17 AIRA’s 16th Annual Advanced Restructuring and Plan of Reorganization Conference
Jeff Brandlin moderated the panel “EB5 Lending – A Tale of Two Cities,” discussing opportunities, unintended consequences and emerging trends in the much publicized EB–5 financing universe.
10/4/17 CFCC Retail Roundtable: Lessons Learned and the Changing Landscape
Jeff Brandlin moderated a panel of experts addressing the positive and negative effects of the current retail environment.
9/14/17 How Rich Chinese Use Visa Fixers to Move to the U.S., Bloomberg Businessweek
Brandlin contributed to this article on the process of obtaining EB-5 visas – and the associated risks.
8/8/17 The Multiplier Effect of Adjusted EBITDA
Committing to buy or finance a business based on a multiple of its adjusted EBITDA begs the question: “Are management’s adjustments legit?” Click the header for a couple of examples where bad adjustments did NOT crater the deals.
7/25/17 6th Annual NAFER Conference – October 18-20, 2017
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Keys to a Cost-Effective Receivership: When to Hold ‘Em & Fold ‘Em,” and Brandlin is a proud sponsor of the annual conference.
06/14/17 Special Assets Management Association (SAMA) 2017 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “The Anatomy of a Workout” and Martin Cauz is a panelist presenting “Consultant Financial Advisor Discussion.”
06/03/17 Los Angeles Professional Services’ Black & White Ball
Brandlin & Associates was a proud sponsor of this event; our congratulations to honorees Noel Ryan and Gail Bernstein.
04/19/17 1Q 2017 Representative Engagements
We represented senior lenders on wide-ranging engagements, including: Justifying an Over-advance; Quality of Earnings for Stapled Senior Financing; and, Litigation Support for $2.8MM Employee Fraud Civil Case.
04/05/17 CFCC: Anatomy of a Workout: Is there a new playbook?
Jeff Brandlin moderated a panel of experts discussing workout loan trends, risks of covenant light and aggressive loan structures and risk v. pricing trends.
03/30/17 Century City Bar Assn: 49th Annual Installation Banquet and Awards Ceremony
Brandlin & Associates was a proud sponsor of this annual event.
02/17/17 Investment Law Blog: What to do if you suspect your EB-5 project is in trouble
Jeff Brandlin co-authored the article highlighting the risks of EB-5 investment funds and warning signs for managers and investors.
02/14/17 Lextalk: EB-5 Loan Defaults & Immigration Program Under Trump
Jeff Brandlin and Mark Elletson were panelists discussing the economic and legal impacts of EB-5 loan defaults.
12/01/16 The Secured Lender: CFA’s 72nd Annual Convention Makes Its Mark on Miami
Jeff Brandlin is quoted in the article about his panel presentation, “I’m Not Concerned About Fraud” … Said No One Ever
11/10/16 Commercial Finance Association’s 72nd Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin presented on the panel “I’m Not Concerned About Fraud” … Said No One Ever
10/13/16 2016 N.A.F.E.R. Annual Conference
Brandlin & Associates proudly sponsored the annual gathering of federal equity receivers
10/04/16 Fraud Doesn’t Always = Write-off
Read how a little bit of homework may help right the ship after a borrower commits fraud
06/01/16 Special Assets Management Association (SAMA) 2016 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “The Anatomy of a Successful Workout” and Martin Cauz was a panelist on “Turnaround”
05/26/16 The Internet and Multi-Million $$ Sales Schemes
Learn how Brandlin & Associates helped uncover a complex Internet-based scam
01/14/16 Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors – 2016 Winter Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Value Growth Services in the Real World”
12/10/15 Brandlin & Associates News: What Does 2015 Activity Bode for 2016?
09/22/15 Fraud and Forensics: Piercing Through the Deception in a Commercial Fraud Case
Brandlin & Associates contributed chapter 2: “Red Flags and the Development of a Fraud Investigation”
06/25/15 Brandlin & Associates News: Rehab or Liquidate?
03/03/15 Brandlin & Associates News: How Do You Validate Your Investment Thesis?
11/06/14 Brandlin & Associates News: Deal-Closing Tools
09/15/14 Richard Lieu, CPA Joins Brandlin & Associates
07/06/14 Brandlin & Associates News: Our Bird’s Eye View
04/04/14 Commercial Finance Conference of California – Auditing Group
Jeff Brandlin presented “Forensic Accounting”
03/26/14 Brandlin & Associates News: From Investigation to Interim CFO
10/03/13 Brandlin & Associates News: Business in an Obamacare World
07/17/13 Brandlin & Associates News: Investing in the Digital Age
04/17/13 Special Assets Management Association (SAMA) 2013 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Identifying Hidden Assets”
01/22/13 Brandlin & Associates News: Smart Shoppers – Add-on Acquisitions
09/21/12 Foothill Unity Center’s 14th Annual Golden Plate Awards
Brandlin & Associates was a Sponsor
09/10/12 Brandlin & Associates News: Financial Statements – Art or Science?
06/02/12 2012 National Jewish Health – Black and White Ball
Brandlin & Associates was a Silver Sponsor
05/09/12 Special Assets Management Association’s 3rd Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Fraud” and Brandlin & Associates was a Conference Panel Sponsor
03/26/12 Beverly Hills Bar Association Bankruptcy Section
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Tips to Avoid the Next Ponzi Scheme”
03/21/12 Brandlin & Associates News: FCPA – Foreign Investment Risks
11/18/11 Commercial Finance Association’s 67th Annual Convention
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist discussing fraud on the panel “But He Had an Honest Face!”
09/13/11 Commercial Finance Conference of California
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist leading an interactive discussion on fraud – how to avoid it, detect it and deal with it.
05/26/11 Special Assets Management Association 2011 Annual Conference
Jeff Brandlin was a panelist presenting “Anatomy of a Fraud: From Discovery to Recovery”
05/16/11 Brandlin & Associates News: Bargain Shopping – Section 363
04/13/11 Brandlin & Associates is the Conference Bag Sponsor for ACG Arizona’s Southwest M&A Conference
02/18/11 Brandlin & Associates News: Sudden Onset Hiccups
02/01/11 Brandlin & Associates is a Platinum Sponsor of the CFCC (Commercial Finance Conference of California)
09/30/10 Brandlin & Associates News: The Sniff Test
06/22/10 Brandlin & Associates News: Black Mold
04/16/10 Brandlin & Associates News: An Ounce of Prevention
01/26/10 Brandlin & Associates News: Debtor Restructuring
08/11/09 Brandlin & Associates News: Troubled Asset Management
06/25/09 Brandlin & Associates News: Grand Theft Money
05/07/09 Brandlin & Associates Provides Expert Testimony for San Diego District Attorney in White Collar Fraud Case
“Three Alpine Investors Plead Guilty to Grand Theft Charges,”
The Alpine Sun
04/21/09 Brandlin & Associates News: Real Estate Asset Optimization
03/11/09 Brandlin & Associates News: Tracking Cash Flow
10/21/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Stormy Seas for PEGs
09/12/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Pre-Sale Planning
07/08/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Industrial Rental Solutions
JMH Capital
06/03/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Viability Analysis
05/06/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Building on Legacies
Sanders Capital
04/04/08 Jeff Brandlin and David Bell Present to CFCC – Audit Chapter
“Uncovering Landmines: Lessons Learned Conducting Forensic Accounting & Financial Due Diligence”
04/03/08 Brandlin & Associates News: Avoiding a Portfolio Company Midlife Crisis
03/28/08 Brandlin & Associates Sponsors USC Almost-Golf Open
10/05/07 Brandlin & Associates News: Accountable Financials
09/11/07 Brandlin & Associates News: A Dose of Skepticism
06/26/07 Brandlin & Associates News: Healthy Investing
Praesidian Capital
03/27/07 Brandlin & Associates News: Keys to Successful Investing
Key Principal Partners
01/30/07 Brandlin & Associates News: (vin’tij) Characterized by Enduring Excellence
Vintage Fund Management
10/31/06 Brandlin & Associates News: $300 Million Bank & Securities Fraud
09/13/06 Brandlin & Associates News: Expert Discovery; Investigations with Results
06/20/06 Brandlin & Associates News: Fact Finding Missions; Getting Back on Track
12/09/05 Jeff Brandlin Appointed Treasurer of The Southern California chapter of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA)
06/06/05 Business Booming for Forensic Accountants
Brandlin & Associates profiled in Los Angeles Business Journal
04/19/05 Jeff Brandlin Presents to Turnaround Management Association
1/2005 Interfor Intelligencer
Brandlin & Associates highlighted in Winter/Spring 2004 issue
11/2004 Is a Certified Financial Statement All it’s Cracked up to be?
Jeff Brandlin authors article for Secured Lender.
10/21/03 Financial Fraud in the Electronic Age
Jeff Brandlin authors article for Trimingham America Inc.’s newsletter.
9/15/03 David Bell Joins Brandlin & Associates Team